Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed the CARES Act, the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package that passed the Senate on Wednesday night. The bill will now be delivered to the President who will sign it into law in short order. Links to the bill as passed by the Congress together with summaries of key sections of the bill can be found below.

Division A – BAI20215

Division B – Emergency Appropriations


CARES ACT Small Business Relief Summary – SBA Paycheck Protection Program and Other Programs
Curtis R. HearnGina M. JacobsJoshua DeCuir, and Elisabeth B. LeBlanc

CARES ACT Emergency Relief Fund Program
Daniel H. Burd

Summary of Federal Reserve Credit Facilities Announced
Robert L. Carothers, Jr.

CARES ACT Tax Provisions Summary 
Rudolph R. Ramelli and B. Trevor Wilson

CARES ACT  Provisions Impacting Employers and Retirement Plans 
Timothy P. Brechtel and Alex H. Glaser

CARES ACT – Healthcare Provisions Summaries
William W. Horton and Meredith Guthrie Maxwell

  • Healthcare Provider Funding
  • Improvements to Supply Chain
  • Telehealth and Greater Insurance Coverage
  • Workforce Improvement & Training